daàPò is a video artist...

Over the past few years, daàPò transitioned to video art/filmmaking, debuting his cinematic efforts in art exhibitions and cultural events on the global scene, from New York City to Tokyo. Behind and in front of the camera, daàPò wrote, directed and/or starred in pieces featured at Kinz + Tillou Fine Art gallery, Galerie Nichido, The Goodman gallery Johannesburg, After Afropolitan Conference, BlackStar Film Festival, The Brooklyn Museum, among other venues and contexts.


“To witness two lovers is a spectacle for the gods.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

[Kamoru Is Now Married]

A man sits staring at a blank page. He pens down the words ‘dear mummy’; the opening line of a letter to his Mother, the body from which he came into being, but symbolically, also, the land of his birth. One in many African stories that go untold by the central figures of those narratives, KAMORU IS NOW MARRIED engages in a humorous conversation on the themes of same sex and multiethnic relationships, the measure of (socioeconomic) status/success and other things lost in translation, shifting between transfer of meaning and transfer of words.

[A Portrait Of The Young Man As A Zombie]

In the dark nighttime, a young man comes alive in the confinement of an anonymous motel room. An inaudible dialogue takes place between two transient physical spaces; one is a human body in the prime of life, and the other, a place of passage.


TUNJI | SHORT FILM |  Tunji, the man who lives with gods, wakes up one day questioning the objects of his worship.   

THE CASSAVA MONOLOGUE | SHORT FILM |  A man reflects on how distant times and spaces tie into telling one old story of ordinary barbarity.    

HE SAID, SHE SAID | SHORT FILM |  Toing-and-froing between manhood and womanhood, a couple’s story of loves lost and found.

PRIMA FACIE | SHORT FILM |  A man with the power to render himself unseen to the naked eye in his hands, literally.          

ÄRT ĬZ DŬK SO͞OP | SHORT FILM |  “A picture lives by its legend – nothing else.” - Pablo Picasso       

WELCOME TO EARTH: POPULATION 1 | ANIMATED SHORT FILM |  Long before Adam and Eve, was the first and only man on Earth.      

MATRYOSHKA | SHORT FILM |  A pothead navigates the intricacies of his foggy memory, in search of his mother.   

LAZARUS LEMONADE | VIDEO INSTALLATION |  When life gives you a harvest of rotten lemons, raise them from the dead.