Well, it depends on whom you ask. Some would say daàPò is an author of vivid imageries and substance or a writer and a video artist. Some would say he is a couturier and a master tailor; that tatted up virtuoso needleworker dude. Others would swear to you that the man is a maker of furniture and a restorer… unless they come up with a harvest of random designations like space sculptor, creative geyser, jokesmith, leather artisan, walking multi-tool, avant-gardist star-gazer, Yorùbá-proverbs search engine, arts and culture bug, cool bibliophile*... among many other identifiers.

But if you ask daàPò himself, he might just tell you he is a mixed-media artist with a story to tell, and true stories don’t lie. If you do find him in a talkative mood, he might add that his work mirrors his personal orbit and connective experiences, rendering the substance of storytelling through organic statements of creative versatility. He'll tell you that his work probes the frontiers and/or interactions between surface and structure, representation and identity, offering a view into questions of human consciousness, interdependency, and self-transformation.
So, who is this daàPò dude again? There will always be more to hear, but mostly not from the horse’s mouth, or you could just send him a note and see what he’ll neigh.

*This collection of tags is based on results from the April 2019 close friends’ survey “if daàPò was a dictionary entry”